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Mike Ferry Holds First European Superstar Retreat In Rome, Italy


LAS VEGAS, April 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- After nearly 40 years as a leading real estate coach and trainer across North America and Canada, Mike Ferry celebrated his first European Superstar Retreat in Rome, Italy on Friday, April 4, 2014 with real estate professionals from around the world in attendance.

In 1985, Mike Ferry held his first ever Superstar Retreat in Newport Beach, California, for an audience of approximately 250 agents. Mike now hosts five major retreats and dozens of workshops each year for tens of thousands of real estate professionals in the United States and Canada.  Extending his coaching programs and workshops to countries across Europe, in partnership with Mike Ferry Italia®, only solidifies Mike's reputation as "The Global Leader in Real Estate Coaching and Training."

In recapping the inaugural European Superstar Retreat, Mike stated, "Most of the attendees did not know what to expect. Like most agents, the majority of them simply could not imagine doing a tremendous amount of business at this time or in the future." Mike kicked off the retreat focused on the four basic focal points that make up the foundation of building a great real estate business: Mindset, Motivation, Skills and Action. Over the course of four days, the audience heard from top producing agents from the United States, who shared their blueprints to becoming a successful real estate agent. While there were many great points shared in regards to the daily routines each top producer follows, "having fun every day" was a critical point voiced by the majority of panelists who all agreed that as their production increased, so did the amount of stress they had to deal with on a daily basis. "As we talked further, you could see their heads start to turn, and we could watch them start to accept the fact that they can become a 'great listing agent,'" recollects Mike.

With the first European Superstar Retreat on record, Mike is preparing for his annual Toronto Mini-Retreat at the end of April, and the Superstar Retreat Las Vegas which takes place July 28 – August 1.  As for the newly motivated and educated real estate agents in Italy, they have seven months to apply what they've learned before Mike returns to Rome, Italy for a special presentation of his 4-day Action Workshop in October.

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Since 1976, The Mike Ferry Organization has been committed to providing real estate professionals with the very best in sales training and coaching. We support real estate agents by producing innovative real estate training seminars, proven products to support those seminars, and developing ancillary programs that further enhance any agent's ability to be more productive and highly profitable. Mike Ferry Italia is a registered licensee, servicing clients across Europe, with workshops held in Italy, France and the United Kingdom.