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Iran: School textbooks latest target of sexual apartheid

Tehran, 25 Jan. (AKI) - Iranian authorities are looking at new restrictions that will create different school textbooks for boys and girls.

Ali Reza Ali Ahmadi, responsible to the interim public education minister, told a seminar on textbooks there was a need to provide students with books according to "the requirements of age and sex" to satisfy their particular needs.

"The spiritual, physical, and mental needs of boys and girls are not identical, and therefore textbooks that give them information cannot be the same," Ali Ahmadi told the seminar.

"The goal is not, however, one that will discriminate against female students but on the contrary give a more precise response to the needs of students."

The education official asked textbook authors "not to photocopy western textbooks, because our textbooks must only have space for our values and not those of other cultures".




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