Italy: Eighth mosque attacked in northern region of Lombardy

Rome, 25 Oct. (AKI) - A mosque in a small town outside Milan has been the target of a violent attack - the eighth on mosques in the region of Lombardy surrounding the city.

Italian media reports said the Alif Baa Islamic Centre, in the northern Italian city of Abbiategrasso, 20 kilometres west of Milan, was subjected to fresh violence on Wednesday.

Witnesses said a masked man was seen throwing a Molotov cocktail inside the courtyard of the mosque from his motorcycle in the late afternoon. No major damage or injuries were reported in the attack.

This is the eighth assault against Islamic centres in the region of Lombardy in recent months.

The Alif Baa Islamic Centre reported other attacks on 25 July and 10 August this year.

Another mosque in the nearby city of Segrate was attacked on 5 August and the car of the Imam, Hamid Zariate, was destroyed.

The Islamic community of Abbiategrasso is considered to be one of the most integrated in northern Italy. It is also the hometown of the Italian missionary, Giancarlo Bossi, kidnapped by Philippino rebels in the south of the country in June and released after a month of captivity.

"There is a need for dialogue among religions," said Bossi.

"Whoever committed this act is a fanatic who does not respect a sacred place."


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