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Italy: Over 2,000 mafia arrests made over 12 months

last update: August 16, 11:40

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Rome, 16 Aug. (AKI) - More than 2,000 gangsters in Italy were arrested during the 12 months through 31 July, the Italian interior ministry announced.

In its annual report on Italian security released on the country's 15 August national holiday, the interior ministry said police made 2,041 mafia arrests, without giving a year-earlier number.

Italy three main mafias- the Camorra from the Naples area, Sicily's Cosa Nostra and the 'Ndrangheta from the the area in and around Naples, are a drag on the country's economy. Their activities in businesses like extortion, drug trafficking and irregular public works bidding are considered one of the country's biggest money makers.

In its report, the government said over the past year it seized and confiscated 4.1 billion euros in goods and businesses in 22 towns and cities..

Among the 2,041 mafia members arrested since a year ago, 82 were fugitives, 18 of whom were considered dangerous, according to the report.

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