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Italy: One of Italy's 'most dangerous' mob bosses' arrested by 100 police

last update: August 17, 15:37

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Salerno, 17 Aug. (AKI) - One of Italy's ''most dangerous'' outlaws was arrested by more than 100 police in southern Italy on Friday after a five year massive manhunt

Francesco Matrone, the fugitive mafia boss among the 9 most dangerous criminals in Italy, was arrested by the police in the city of Salerno on Friday, according to the Italian interior ministry.

Matrone, the 65-year-old mafia boss of a sub-clan of the Naples' Camorra crime network operating in the city's surrounding areas, escaped from serving two life sentences for a double murder and was a fugitive living in an anonymous shack for five years.

"The Beast," as he was nicknamed, was listed among the nine most feared criminals and registered in the "Special Research Program" created by the Interior ministry. One hundred para-military carabinieri police, a canine unit and a helicopter were needed to arrest him.

The carabinieri are now searching numerous surrounding areas to learn more about his activities and clues that can lead to the arrest of accomplices.

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