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Football: Serbian season ends with game of 'shame'

last update: May 12, 15:19

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Belgrade, 12 May (AKI) - Partizan Belgrade won Serbia’s football cup Wednesday evening, but the match ended in scandal when the rival team Vojvodina left the field seven minutes before the end of the match.

The game started twenty minute late because Vojvodina players waited for their fans to arrive by buses from the northern city of Novi Sad and the game passed in an electrified atmosphere.

Vojvodina players complained that referee Slobodan Veselinovic awarded a problematic penalty in favor of Partizan, which gave Belgrade team a 2-1 lead. He later annulled Vojvodina goal and failed to award it a penalty kick, the club officials said.

After Vojvodina team refused to continue the game in the 83 minute, Veselinovic waited for seven minutes and ended the match.

Belgrade newspapers called it a “defeat of Serbian football”, which has been in crisis for years. The daily Kurir dubbed the event “shameful finals”.

Partizan has won twelve cup titles and has practically secured the first division championship for fourth straight time. Vojvodina is currently fourth in the first division ranking and never won the cup title.

Secretary of the Serbian football association, Zoran Lakovic said it was a “definite defeat of Serbian football” and a “catastrophe”. He said the association would consider disciplinary measures against Vojvodina after getting official reports and analyzing the situation.

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