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Starting september: 'Galileo, Venezia e la Luna”'

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Venice – The show entitled “Galileo, Venezia e la Luna” (Galileo, Venice, and the moon) covers a great deal of ground, rising from the Venetian Adriatic to the Cima Ekar ridge on the Asiago highland – from Galileo’s observations of the moon to one of the biggest Italian telescopes in modern astronomical research. One of the events in the International Year of Astronomy, the show, organized on Venice’s San Servolo Island through 18 October, marks the opening of the international conference “Astronomy and its instruments before and after Galileo” to be held from 28 September through 03 October.

The show will then go on to Palazzo Zorzi, home to Venice’s UNESCO office, from 19 October through 16 November, then continuing to Asiago – the capital of the plateau’s seven municipalities – where, from December through January, it will be housed in one of the city’s exhibition spaces. Using images from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries as well as recent photos, the exhibition illustrates the places in Venice (some no longer in existence) frequented by Galileo over the course of his eighteen years as professor at the University of Padua. Shown and illustrated are the drawings of the moon that Galileo made when, in the autumn of 1609, he turned his telescope towards our satellite, and became the first to discover, in the play of light and shadow, that the moon was not perfect and smooth as had been believed for almost two thousand years.

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