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BE OPEN Creative Think Tank Announces Its First Video Open Call Devoted to Exploring Design and Nature


LONDON, November 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

BE OPEN, a creative think tank founded by the international entrepreneur and philanthropist Yelena Baturina, is launching its next global open call for visual responses that address the interrelation between design and nature.

Entries will explore the creative transformation of the world around us, as it interacts with nature in the most general sense. The aim is to examine the ways in which design and nature can intertwine, complement and supplement each other, create opposition or harmony, or even make the perfect match. 

BE OPEN's official partner for this project is the Herbarium bar is Austria. Herbarium has pledged EUR 1,000 in prize money, to be awarded to the winner of the open call.

The open call submissions will be accepted until 20 December 2016. All entries must be in the format of a short video, created on Instagram. Videos can be posted on BE OPEN's Instagram, or directly to the beopensocial.com website. The entries will be appraised and displayed at http://www.beopensocial.com . The hashtag for this project is #BEOPENDesignNature.

The winner of the open call will be selected by the BE OPEN team together with Herbarium.

Located in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps, Herbarium is a bar with a difference. Its philosophy is based on cherishing local herbs and old recipes to design unique cocktails that have a positive effect on people's wellbeing. What Herbarium shares with other innovative start-ups all over the world is a business concept based on sustainability and a profound respect for local nature.

The creative idea behind Herbarium belongs to the young entrepreneur Olga Luzhkova, who said: "We are delighted to partner with BE OPEN and support this open call. At Herbarium, we see local flora as an inspiration for creating unique beverages. We want to encourage people to cherish and celebrate nature, while using their creative energy to make a positive change in whatever walk of life they pursue."

BE OPEN is a cultural and social initiative that aims to harness the brainpower of creative leaders through a system of conferences, competitions, exhibitions, master classes and art events.

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