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Zuzuche's Car Rental Booms During National Holidays


GUANGZHOU, China, Oct. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Zuzuche.com, China's leading outbound car rental and travel service platform, provides clear illustrations of the growing international tourism trend from China as well as the increasing need for car rental services. This year, the internet company has seen its National Holidays rentals double compared to 2016, and its attraction ticket and activities booking services' sales triple.Chinese National Holidays take place at the beginning of October, and give a unique chance to Chinese citizens to explore other parts of the world for a week. This year, an increasing proportion has not resisted the call of the open road.

Explaining this growth, Zuzuche's vice-president Mr. Zheng Chengjun asserted that "The Chinese outbound tourism industry has been growing at an impressive pace over the past years. In the past, 'package tours' were very popular. However, Chinese travelers seem increasingly willing to select transportation methods which provide them as much freedom and flexibility as possible. This is a key rationale behind strong growth in the outbound car rental segment."

Targeting Chinese tourists' needs for flexible and reliable car rental services, Zuzuche.com has been cooperating with global top car rental companies as well as local partners over the world, currently offering over 100,000 renting locations.

Zuzuche.com is the largest outbound online car rental platform in China, accounting for 76.2% of the market share in the industry. Its multi-lingual customer service enables the firm to effectively liaise Chinese tourists with car rental partners worldwide, and different additional services - such as portable WiFi, complementary insurances or Chinese GPS - ensuring clients can enjoy a road trip tailored to their needs.

Zuzuche recently expanded scope in the Chinese outbound tourism segment, currently offering attraction tickets and activities' bookings at a guaranteed best price.

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Guangzhou, Zuzuche has enjoyed rapid growth and now comprises over 500 employees. Its latest fundraising in 2016 allowed the firm to complete a 700 million RMB (106 million USD) of Series B and B+ funding from GF Xinde Investment.

As the market leader in the outbound road trip industry in China, Zuzuche not only makes Chinese travelers' trip easier, but also promotes cultural communication and understanding among different countries. As an illustration, Zuzuche has been cooperating with tourism administrations from different countries, including the United States, New Zealand and Switzerland.

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