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Sanford Health increases global presence with expansion in seven countries


SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota, Jan. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Sanford Health is expanding its presence in international health care by extending services to seven countries. This year, Sanford Health will enter New Zealand, Ireland, Vietnam, Costa Rica and South Africa and increase its presence in China and Ghana. This expansion follows last year's acquisition of a minority stake in ISAR Klinikum, a hospital leader in stem cell therapies, located in Munich, Germany.

Sanford Health's international health care arm, Sanford World Clinic, will now be in nine countries with more than 30 locations. Supported by philanthropy and launched in 2007, the initiative is designed to foster partnership with health care leaders in the development of sustainable services around the world.

"With these partnerships, we are creating unique opportunities for shared learning," said Kelby Krabbenhoft, president and CEO of Sanford Health. "This is not something we are pursuing for financial gain, but we believe this type of collaboration will help further our mission of health and healing."

Each partnership is unique in terms of scope of service and type of agreement. The focus of the collaborations range from primary and pediatric care to research and health system operations.

"We want to go where we can be impactful and create partnerships that will stand the test of time," said Dan Blue, M.D., executive vice president of Sanford World Clinic. "We have outstanding partners in each of these countries who share a common goal – to advance health care around the world."

"We are excited about the oncology collaboration with Sanford Health and believe it could provide Chinese cancer patients with the most advanced treatment to improve the survival rate and the quality of life of patients," said Hu Bo, M.D., chairman of the board for Ciming Health Check Group and chairman of the healthcare management branch of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association.

Sanford World Clinic is working to identify three to five new partnerships each year.

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