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Mobile Viewpoint Launches IP MCR Services Facilitated by Ericsson Broadcast & Media Services


ALKMAAR, The Netherlands, September 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

Today Mobile Viewpoint announces the introduction of W-Link, the new IP MCR service supported by Ericsson Broadcast & Media services. W-Link, Mobile Viewpoint's IP and cloud-based MCR, enables video production companies to supply and monetize their content to an international client base. With this web-based platform broadcasters get instant access to live stand-up positions anytime, anywhere and production companies are able to deliver their content to anyone worldwide. Ericsson Broadcast & Media Services will facilitate users using W-Link to route live feeds and manage international connections through the Ericsson MCR facilities in the Netherlands, to designated client receivers on a 24/7 basis.

Mobile Viewpoint CEO Michel Bais: 

"Since the beginning we specialized in developing products that allow content creators to transmit live HD footage over public internet connections. While the traditional news-gathering operations still relied on fiber and satellite links, our users could transmit and exchange HD footage at much lower cost. With the MCR facilities of service providers like Ericsson Broadcast & Media Services we are able to leverage feeds of our customers with the existing broadcast connectivity. This provides an interesting new dimension to the current global reseller agreement between Ericsson AB and Mobile Viewpoint in growing the IP business together." 

W-Link allows Mobile Viewpoint customers to gain access to the worldwide network of broadcasters facilitated by Ericsson Broadcast Services. They provide them with worldwide playout, monitoring and support services on a 24/7 basis. Existing and new customers will be able to source new ways of monetizing their content, by making it available through the Content Exchange network to broadcasters all over the world. On the other hand, major worldwide broadcasters can now source unique live content and stand up positions from producers previously unknown. All this in a cost-efficient way, facilitated with Mobile Viewpoint's bonding encoders and web-based Content Exchange platform and Ericsson's worldwide network.

On Mobile Viewpoint 

Mobile Viewpoint is a global player, focusing on the development and implementation of solutions for both the security and broadcast industries. Based on their H.264 and now H.265 & VP-9 codec implementations, combined with patented technology, allowing for HD video to be transmitted over bonded IP connections, Mobile Viewpoint has developed the most versatile product portfolio. Products range from smartphone apps (iPhone & Android), backpack encoders and rack-mount solutions all working together on the unified WMT Video Manager and Content Exchange platforms.

Customers include major broadcasters, such as BBC, Al-Arabiya, Sky Sports News, NBC Sports, and over 120 other global customers.