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2020 "IMTA Mountain Tourism Awards" Candidate Projects Registration Kicks off

30 settembre 2020 | 18.12
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GUIYANG, China, Sept. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- After the COVID-19 outbreak, demand for recreational vehicles (RV), campsites and products related to self-driving becomes higher. Mountain tourism as a brand-new growth point in the segment of cultural tourism can better meet customers' needs of being close to nature and caring about health. Most visitors have elevated their mountain tourism needs from sightseeing around mountains and rivers to having an in-depth travel experience while being close to nature and local culture.

Against such backdrop, International Mountain Tourism Alliance (IMTA) sets up "IMTA Mountain Tourism Awards," aiming to convey the social responsibility and values that practitioners of the mountain tourism sector ought to shoulder while sticking to the concept of innovation, green, ecology and sustainable development. With the award as an opportunity, IMTA strives to integrate the current industry resources and products, to facilitate tourism investment and consumption upgrade based on capital- and technology-empowerment, and to set a benchmark to lead the overall progress of the mountain tourism industry.

The 2020 "IMTA Mountain Tourism Awards" plan to include five awards – "Mountain Tourism Sustainable Development Award", "Best Mountain Tourism Destination Award", "Best Mountain Tourism Outdoor Sport Award", "Best Mountain Recreational Vehicle Camping Award" and "Best Mountain Hiking Route Award." Each award will be granted to the top three of the five candidates.All the awards will be issued at the 2020 IMTA Annual Conference planned to be held in mid-to-late November.

A highly authoritative Expert Jury for the awards has been established with experts from China, Germany, Korea, France, Switzerland, the USA, and other countries in the fields of tourism planning, ecological environment, art and culture, as well as outdoor sport.

These awards are open to mountainous destinations, mountainous attractions, ski resorts, mountain-related outdoor sport companies and RV campsite businesses. For organizations or enterprises willing to sign up, please send emails to Awards@imtaweb.org for more information and application forms. The registration process lasts until October 31.

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