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Mercoledì 08 Dicembre 2021
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2021 Global Creative Modification Masters Contest of Creality DIY Printers

08 febbraio 2021 | 20.01
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NEW YORK, Feb. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- To modify a DIY 3D printer may be the dream of every 3D printer enthusiast.

As a 3D printing industry evangelist, striving to offer ingenious products and customer-centered service to its users, Creality has been committed not only to 3D printer manufacturing but also to fulfilling the DIY dreams of 3D printer fans.

At this critical moment of Creality, the company decided to launch the first DIY printer modification contest on Jan. 20 before its upcoming 7th anniversary.

"Reshape imagination and break creative boundaries" was chosen to be the subject of this contest. As Creality's brand name implies (Create reality, achieve dreams), it knows more than others that innovation outperforms all in the birth of a new creation.

This contest has been divided into two sections, including classical series modification and conventional series modification. The contestants can choose the corresponding section according to the models of modified printers in the contest.

The selection process will run in 4 stages: Submission of Works: Jan. 20 to Mar. 9;  Preliminary Selection: Mar. 10 to Mar. 18; Secondary Selection: Mar. 19 to Apr. 8; Final Selection: Apr. 9.

The modification ideas will be witnessed by more than 1 million users from six continents around the world, 7 awards will be picked up from each series section, including one chief modification master of each section, totalling 14 awards.

Winners will have the opportunity to become the Chief Product Experiencers (CPE) of Creality and will get abundant material rewards such as cash, 3D printers, and honor certificates.

Judges in the secondary selection will be composed of 2 KOLs from Chinese 3D professional forums and 3 KOLs from overseas 3D professional forums.

As 3D printing is becoming more popular around the world, 3D DIY printer modification has become a welcome boom in the printing industry. Creality is raising the torch to encourage this boom, hoping to help 3D printing fans break the boundary of possibilities, demonstrate their creativity to the world and share with the world the fascinating glamour of 3D printing.

Want to learn more details, please visit: https://www.creality.com/activity-news/3d-printer-global-diy-contest

You can also directly join the creative modification masters contest by downloading the Creality Cloud APP via Google Store or App Store and enter into the contest group to share your individual modification works through the app.

Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hShbA-Rk96Q  

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