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'900 Turks fighting for the Islamic State, 400 killed'

18 settembre 2015 | 15.03
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A total of 900 Turkish jihadists are currently fighting for the Islamic State militant group in Syria and in Iraq, while 400 have been killed, Hurriyet Daily News reported on Friday, citing a foreign ministry official.

In addition to the 900 Turks fighting for IS, some 200 to 300 had joined the Al-Qaeda linked jihadist group al-Nusra, the official was quoted as telling the paper.

“Currently, we believe that there are about 900 fighters, and close to 300 hundred with al-Nusra,” the official said.

“We suspect there might be more people going and coming back. We do not know if any of them are opportunistic moneymongers, fixers, radicals or how many of them are there for curiosity."

The foreign ministry is demanding more international coordination in its efforts to block the movement of foreign fighters, said the daily.

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