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REVASUM (ASX:RVS) announces the release of a 200mm conversion kit for their flagship 6EZ silicon carbide (SiC) chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) platform

06 luglio 2023 | 02.54
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SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., July 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Revasum today announced the availability of 200mm SiC wafer polishing capability on the 6EZ platform. The 6EZ has already proven its value in high-volume manufacturing of 150mm SiC substrates and a 200mm conversion kit has now been fully tested and released, giving customers the option of upgrading 6EZ systems in the field. 

Dr. Fred Sun, Vice President of R&D and Process Technologies at Revasum said, "While the 6EZ was designed from the start to polish 200mm substrates, due to scarcity of these larger substrates in the market, we had not been able to fully characterize polishing performance on 200mm substrates until recently. The tool performed incredibly well on the 200mm wafers - we achieved the same PV (Pressure x Velocity) operating range that we had seen previously on 150mm SiC wafers, even with a doubling of the surface area under polish."

The 6EZ is the first single wafer CMP tool designed from the ground up for SiC wafer polishing. The 6EZ's architecture coupled with patented cooling technology allows for the higher downforce and table speeds preferred for CMP of hard materials like SiC. The proprietary ViPRR carrier design secures the wafer while minimizing polishing friction on the pad to allow for reduced pad conditioning, better wafer-to-wafer consistency and extended consumables life.

Scott Jewler, CEO of Revasum said, "We believe that polishing prime SiC wafers requires a different approach to head design than the conventional membrane-based heads. The polishing head should hold the wafer in position while applying controlled pressure to the backside of the wafer to produce a uniform high removal rate with good thermal management. We are very pleased with the 200mm SiC wafer results achieved on the 6EZ and I believe our customers will also appreciate how easy the tool is to maintain in a high-volume production environment at this larger wafer size."

About Revasum, Inc.:  Revasum specializes in the design and manufacturing of capital equipment used in the semiconductor substrate and device manufacturing process. Our current product portfolio includes the 7AF-HMG grinder and 6EZ CMP platform used to manufacture silicon carbide substrates up to 200mm and the packaging of SiC-based devices for the global semiconductor industry.

CONTACT: Bruce Ray, bruce.ray@revasum.com

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