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Govt vows to help on Lampedusa, stem migrant arrivals

Govt vows to help on Lampedusa, stem migrant arrivals
14 settembre 2023 | 11.51
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Migrants and residents on Lampedusa will get all the help they need, foreign minister Antonio Tajani tweeted after almost 2,000 people landed on the tiny island on Wednesday, bringing the total to over 6,700 amid an ongoing surge in arrivals.

"The government will do everything needed to help the residents of Lampedusa and the migrants who continue to arrive on the island," Tajani wrote.

"Thanks to police and the Red Cross for their efforts. We continue to work to stop the arrivals," the tweet added.

Despite the government's efforts to curb the recent influx, the number of migrants crossing the Mediterranean to Italy from North Africa has topped 123,860 this year, compared with some 65,500 in 2022 and 41,300 in 2021 according to interior ministry figures.

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