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Meloni, Milatovic hold talks in Rome

The Italian prime minister's office (Palazzo Chigi) in Rome
The Italian prime minister's office (Palazzo Chigi) in Rome
13 settembre 2023 | 13.53
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Premier Giorgia Meloni held talks with European Union aspirant Montenegro's president Jakov Milatovic at her office in Rome Wednesday, where an honour guard greeted Milatovic on his arrival.

Meloni and Milatovic did not brief journalists after their meeting.

Montegro is a "key" partner for Italy in the Western Balkans and there is scope to strengthen already "excellent" bilateral ties, president Sergio Mattarella told Milatovic during talks in Rome on Tuesday with Milatovic at the Quirinal Palace.

The world's second youngest president, Milatovic won a landslide victory in snap presidential polls in May aged 36 on a pro-European ticket.

Milatovic and his Europe Now! party - currently Montenegro's biggest single parliamentary force - is eager to speed up slow-moving EU accession negotiations, which began in June, 2012.

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