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Acibadem Continues Breakthrough Pancreatic Cancer Treatments in Turkey

14 dicembre 2020 | 10.01
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New interview with Prof. Güralp Ceyhan, MD. details advancements in pancreatic cancer therapy at Acibadem Maslak and Altunizade Hospital

ISTANBUL, Dec. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- New advancements in pancreatic cancer research have led to breakthrough treatment programs available at Acibadem Maslak and Altunizade Hospital, part of the global Acibadem network of world-class healthcare facilities. As treatment for pancreatic cancer requires a complex and multidisciplinary approach, oncologists, radiation oncologists, and gastroenterologists are all enlisted at the hospital. In a new interview, Prof. Güralp Ceyhan, MD details the hospital's groundbreaking new therapies now available to pancreatic cancer patients previously thought to have been without treatment options.

In the interview, Prof. Ceyhan, a doctor at Acibadem Maslak and Altunizade Hospital, reviewed treatment methodologies available for cancer patients afflicted with one of the most dangerous forms of the disease. Worldwide, nearly 250,000 new patients were diagnosed with malignant tumors affecting the pancreas in 2018. Due to the nature of the disease, early detection of pancreatic cancer is still a difficult process, narrowing the crucial window of treatment.

To read more about Acibadem services, visit:  https://acibademinternational.com/treatment/cancer-treatment-oncology/

Symptoms of pancreatic cancer:

The difficulties of early detection

According to Prof. Ceyhan, early detection is almost impossible. "Only by chance we can detect pancreatic cancer at an early stage: the patient goes to a checkup and the doctor sees something on the ultrasound and then the diagnosis is confirmed via CT," said Prof. Ceyhan.

"Pancreatic cancer is still a dangerous disease," Prof. Ceyhan continues. "But we can now help patients we would not have thought to be able to help in the past. We are getting better and better but pancreatic cancer is still unfortunately a very aggressive and lethal tumor. What we have gained now is more hope for our patients."

Because pancreatic surgery is a difficult and intensive process, Acibadem keeps a high-skilled team of doctors who are experts in a multidisciplinary approach to defeating the disease, utilizing the latest technologies and advancements, even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Acibadem has carefully isolated its cancer center from COVID-related services at the hospital, ensuring that cancer patients can receive the utmost care in a COVID-free environment.

Hope for patients at Acibadem

Multidisciplinary teams at Acibadem Maslak and Altunizade Hospital provide cutting-edge treatment for pancreatic cancer patients (including patients with chronic pancreatitis and advanced hepatic tumors). Some of the modern therapy protocols at the hospital include neoadjuvant chemotherapy regimes that reduce tumor growth and progression, enabling doctors to resect pancreatic cancer patients which in the past were regarded as lost patients.

About Acibadem Healthcare Group 

Acibadem Healthcare Group was established in 1991, rapidly becoming one of the leading institutions in Turkey within the field of private healthcare services. In 2012 the company partnered with IHH Healthcare Berhad. This move made Acibadem the world's second largest healthcare chain with 21 hospitals and 13 outpatient clinics, as well as 11 cancer centers. All centers are nationally and internationally accredited and qualified.

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