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Activists seek German envoy to Libya's recall for meeting Haftar

12 giugno 2020 | 19.56
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Photo: AFP

A total 1,600 Libyan activists have urged the internationally recognised government in Tripoli to expel Germany's ambassador to Libya, Oliver Owcza, after he met eastern strongman Khalifa Haftar, the Libyan Observer daily tweeted on Friday.

"1,600 Libyan activists call on GNA to declare German ambassador to Libya, Oliver Owcza, persona non grata for his meeting with warlord Haftar who attacked Tripoli and killed hundreds of civilians," read the tweet.

"The meeting took place as mass graves are being discovered in Tarhuna, they (the activists) say," the tweet added.

The activists' letter called Owcza's actions "a morally reprehensible insult to the thousands of victims of Khalifa Haftar's ongoing campaign of terror". Owcza is "no longer an appropriate or credible representative to Libya", the letter stated.

The United Nations mission to Libya (UNSMIL) "notes with horror reports on the discovery of at least eight mass graves in past days, the majority of them in Tarhouna," it wrote on Twitter.

GNA forces say more than 100 bodies have been recovered in mass graves so far and include fighters and civilians.

Tarhouna was Haftar's last stronghold in western Libya. The city was used by his forces as a launchpad during an unsuccessful 14-month offensive to seize the capital from the GNA.

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