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Afghan security summit convened after Taliban seize Kunduz

29 settembre 2015 | 18.30
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Afghanistan's lower house of parliament will on Wednesday hold a summit on security in the country after the Taliban stormed the strategic northern provincial capital of Kunduz, TV station Tolo reports.

National security chief Rahmatullah Nabil, interior minister Noorulhaq Olomi and acting defence minister Masoom Stanikzai will be quizzed by lawmakers during the summit, Tolo said.

Heavy fighting was reported on Tuesday as Afghan forces battled Taliban insurgents in a bid to retake the strategic city. Its fall to the Taliban was the insurgents' biggest victory since their removal from power in 2001.

US military planes had supported the operation, striking Taliban positions on the outskirts of the city, a NATO spokesman said.

The Taliban meanwhile released a video on social media hailing their takeover of Kunduz with fighters showing off seized tanks and armoured cars, as they vowed to enforce Islamic sharia law.

Pictures of Taliban fighters hoisting their trademark white flags in the city's squares and main buildings have been circulating on social media.

The capture of one of the most strategic and richest cities of Afghanistan will not only burnish the credentials of the new Taliban leader, Mullah Akhtar Mansour - it will also embolden the Taliban in general, according to observers.

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