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Afghanistan a 'concrete and immediate' terror threat - Di Maio

07 settembre 2021 | 17.29
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The deadly 26 August suicide blast at Kabul airport claimed by the Islamic State Khorasan Province jihadist group shows how terrorism poses "a concrete and immediate" threat - foreign minister Luigi Di Maio said on Tuesday.

"The attack on 26 August at Kabul's international airport and the high number of casualties (at least 182 people killed and at least 150 injured) demonstrates how terrorism poses a concrete and immediate threat," Di Maio stated.

Di Maio was addressing Italy's Senate upper house of parliament after a four-day visit to Pakistan and other countries bordering Afghanistan, as well as to Qatar.

Besides ISIS-K, extremist groups affiliated with Al-Qaeda are operating in Afghanistan "towards which the Taliban sometimes has an ambiguous approach," Di Maio warned.

The international community must stop the crisis in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan destabilising the region and impacting global security, Di Maio underlined.

"We must prevent the risk of the Afghan crisis having a negative, destabilising impact on neighbouring countries, with implications that could extend well beyond the regional dimension," said Di Maio.

"I refer first and foremost to the fight against terrorism," Di Maio went on.

An inter-ministerial meeting on Afghanistan chaired by US secretary of state Antony Blinken is slate to take place on Wednesday, he said.

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