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Airwheel One Wheel Scooter Challenges "Outdated Transporter"

07 novembre 2014 | 07.35
LETTURA: 2 minuti

CHANGZHOU, China, Nov. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- As a newly invented, electrically powered and self-balancing transporter, the Airwheel one wheel scooter has attracted the attention of many during the "Eco-mobiel" exhibition held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Airwheel one wheel scooter is a solution for those who suffer day to day from car exhaust and traffic congestion. It is an eco-friendly personal transporter designed for an easier commute.


Once stepping on the widened and solid pedals of the Airwheel one wheel scooter, riders will be given the impetus of embracing the fresh and smooth riding experience. With "Airwheelers" spotted everywhere all over the world -- London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Beijing, New York, and even Sydney and Auckland across the Pacific -- the Airwheel one wheel scooter has brought about a new revolution for urban transportation, which will probably determine the future environment. It might last long, but the dedication will eventually be paid off by benefiting future generations.


The Airwheel one wheel scooter is an energy-saving, eco-friendly, portable, sleek and high-tech transporter for workout and short trips. With its trendy design and portability, it can be used as a cool gadget, fit into a backpack, or walked like a pet when powered on. Airwheel's casing is made of nano-tech synthetic resin which can bear a maximum load of 120kg (265lbs). Powered by a Japan-made Li-ion battery, it can travel at a top speed of 12mph to meet almost everyone's daily commuting needs. Airwheel's superior handling contributes to its worldwide prevalence as an outdoor sport gadget next to skate boards.


Airwheel gives a new interpretation of healthy workout. With its slogan "Make a Difference", Airwheel intends to save commute time as well as bring back the lost fresh air and blue sky. The Airwheel one wheel scooter is challenging the outdated transporters.

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