Banking, immigration and growth priorities says Renzi

Banking, immigration and growth priorities says Renzi

Italy must tackle its problems with its frail banking sector, immigration and sluggish growth straight after Sunday's referendum on overhauling the country's political machinery, centre-left premier Matteo Renzi said on Wednesday

"The day after the referendum it will be necessary to tackle in a strategic way all the biggest issues the country is facing -- first immigration, then banking and then economic growth," Renzi said in an interview broadcast on La Repubblica newspaper's web site.

Renzi has come under growing pressure ahead of Sunday's reforms referendum which he has turned into a vote on his leadership, and his threats to resign if it fails have been causing jitters among investors.

The proposed reforms rein in the powers of regional governments and reduce the role of parliament's elected upper house Senate, slashing its members by over two-thirds and replacing it with a largely consultative body containing local mayors and regional councillors.

The reforms also proposes taking back key decision-making powers from the regions.