Far-right protests Ghanaian rapper's concert

Far-right activists on Tuesday put up banners and Facebook posts to protest an upcoming concert in Rome by Ghanaian-born rapper Bello Figo, whose songs satirise Italy's treatment of immigrants.

"Rome doesn't want you," and "Against rapper Bello Figo - SWAG" read the banners put up on Tuesday at the Ex Magazzini converted warehouse site in the capital where Bello Figo will perform on 4 February.

The far-right Direct Action group said in a post on Facebook that it has sent a letter to the concert organisers asking them to pull Bello Figo's (Trendy Guy's) concert.

The letter accuses Bello Figo of "intolerable mockery of the Italian people that incites his countrymen to hatred," the Facebook post said.

"Direct Action will to do everything it can to make sure this event does not take place and are ready to picket the entrance to the venue," the post stated.

"We will continue our fight until this ignoble personality's concert is cancelled."

A spat between Italy's World War II fascist dictator Benito Mussolini's granddaughter and Bel Figo was aired on a live TV show last month.

Alessandra Mussolini told the 24-year-old rapper to "clear off" from Italy on a live TV show after he defended the right of refugees to receive shelter in the country.

Mussolini and Bello Figo were guests on the 'From Your Viewpoint' chat show aired on former premier Silvio Berlusconi's Rete 4 TV channel on 1 December.