Roman mosaics exhibition kicks off in Bulgarian capital

Roman mosaics exhibition kicks off in Bulgarian capital

Twenty-one original ancient Roman mosaics from Rome's Capitoline Museum collection have gone on show at the Archaeological Museum in Bulgaria's capital, Sofia, the foreign ministry said in a statement on Wednesday.

The exhibition entitled "Colourful Visions of Ancient Rome: Mosaics from the Capitoline Museums" is being organised by the Italian Cultural Institute and runs until 28 July, the statement said.

The mosaics showcased at the exhibition date from the first century BC to the fourth century AD.

"With their elegant decorations and rich nuances, the mosaics "provide a sort of snapshot through history" from Republican Rome until the late imperial age, according to the statement.

The mosaics "remind us of a world that was somehow globalised, where the same models were repeated thousands of miles away, to foster a common feeling and accelerate a process of identification with the same values and principles," said the statement.

Visitors to the exhibition can "reflect on the character of decorative motifs, with their graphic and chromatic variety, and their similarity to contemporary graphic design concepts," the statement added.

The exhibition is part of the programme of the Italian Festival in Bulgaria, which marks the 140th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Italy and Bulgaria.

Bulgaria has numerous fine examples of mosaic art, many of them in the country's second largest city of Plovdiv, which was designated as this year's European Capital of Culture together with the southern Italian city of Matera, the statement noted.

The Italian Festival in Bulgaria, which began in 2003, includes a series of events dedicated to Italy and takes place in May and June ever year in Sofia and in six other Bulgarian cities.

The Italian embassy, the Italian Trade Agency, ICE, the Italian Institute of Culture, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian chapter of Italy's main business association Confindustria work together to organise events for Italian Festival.