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Italian embassy in Tunis to host 'Garden of the Just'

Italian embassy in Tunis to host 'Garden of the Just'

A 'Garden of the Just' will open at Italy's embassy in the Tunisian capital to remember campaigners against genocide and crimes against humanity around the world, foreign minister Paolo Gentiloni has announced.

"I am very pleased to say that Italy's foreign ministry will soon host a Garden of the Just. We have chosen to create it within the Italian embassy in Tunis, which the embassy is delighted about, Gentiloni said.

"We decided on Tunisia as it is an especially symbolic place and a key country in the heart of the Mediterranean."

"In Italy, rightly, we dedicate a lot of memories to the darkest chapters of our history but we know that awareness of the ills of the past does not automatically protect us from those of the present," Gentiloni continued.

"This is why it's crucial to remember the good and those who, while crimes were being committed, recognised them as such and fought them."

"The example of the 'Just' reminds us of our responsibilities and inspires us to act for the greatest good in our time," Gentiloni concluded.