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Italy 'regrets' deadly clashes in Gaza Strip

Italy 'regrets' deadly clashes in Gaza Strip

Foreign minister Angelino Alfano underlined Italy's concern and deep sadness at the dozens of Palestinian who were killed on Monday and the 2,200 who were injured in clashes in Gaza with Israeli military as the United States opened its embassy in Jerusalem.

“We appeal to all sides to make every effort to prevent further bloodshed, " Alfano said.

"We hope that there will be fresh political and diplomatic initiatives aimed at relaunching a negotiated solution (to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians) in order that both peoples can live side by side in peace and security," he added.

The decision by US president Donald Trump to move the American embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv has infuriated Palestinians, who see it as clear US backing for Israeli rule over the whole city, whose eastern part Palestinians lay claim to.