Catholic university looks to future trends

Catholic university looks to future trends

Italy's Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore constantly adapts its degree courses to take account of new and future trends and its students, the top private university's rector, Franco Anelli, told Adnkronos Salute ahead of the start of the academic year on 31 January

"While we traditionally make a constant effort to come up with carefully though-out and valid training programmes, we also try to grasp the needs of the future and to keep up-to-date with a fast-changing world," said Anelli.

Courses offered by the Cattolica aim to foster individual students' development while teaching skills that attract companies: a strategy that leads to half of its alumni finding a job within three months of graduating and 80 percent within a year.

"Over the years, the technologies have changed and with them teaching methods," he said.

"Students today are very different from 10 years ago, " he underlined.

"They seems most stimulated by creating links between different subjects but less confident when required to master a large amount of material," he went on.

Stays abroad stays have become a crucial part of degrees, like company internships that allow students to put their knowledge into practice - and the Cattolica offers both as well as dual degrees in various subjects including medicine, Anelli said.

The current generation of students have "mental flexibility", increasingly broad international horizons, a wide knowledge of languages, are interested in the world and know how to find information, he said.

"They are European citizens and have that perspective, they are very open, intellectually curious and are good at getting information," said Anelli.

"The great challenge facing major universities is knowing how to exploit this mental flexibility in order to train professionals who are equipped to face a rapidly evolving future," he concluded.