Moavero says he would support Brexit delay

Moavero says he would support Brexit delay

Ahead of a vote in the British parliament Thursday on seeking a delay to the UK's scheduled withdrawal from the European Union on 29 March, Italy's foreign minister Enzo Moavero Milanesi said he did not oppose an extension of Brexit.

"The decision on whether to grant the UK an extention of Article 50 needs to be discussed at government level but my view is that we should agree to this," Moavero told MPs.

All 27 EU members would have to agree to an extension of Article 50, the section of the bloc's Lisbon Treaty that sets out what happens when a country decides that it wants to leave, Moavero pointed out.

"This would need to have a purpose, however," he said.

A second referendum on Brexit and fresh elections are also possibilities that "cannot be ruled out," Moavero said.

If British lawmakers vote on Thursday to extend Brexit, a formal request for could be made and approved at an EU leaders' summit scheduled for 21 to 22 March.