Police probe American woman's murder in Florence

Police on Monday continued their investigation into the murder of a 35-year-old American woman found dead in her studio flat in Florence with bruises and scratch marks to her neck.

An autopsy of Florida native Ashley Olsen was due to be carried out as well as DNA analysis of skin allegedly found under her nails, as well as forensic examination of a bra found outside her apartment, police said.

Police were also studying several days of footage from security cameras the street where Olsen lived and were also focusing on meetings the woman had on the night between Thursday and Friday at the Montecarla club in Florence, the last place where she was seen alive, drinking with friends.

Olsen's computer was switched on until Friday lunchtime, according to police.

Police said they were searching for Olsen's mobile phone which was missing from her apartment and which had been switched off since Friday morning.

Investigators said there was no sign of a break-in or a disturbance at the apartment, suggesting Olsen may have been killed by someone she knew.

Police interrogated Olsen's 43-year-old painter Federico Fiorentini, who found her body, but he has not been charged over the murder.

Friends left flowers and notes at Olsen's apartment in Florence, where she had been living for three years. "He's guilty, he will pay," read one.

Olsen's landlady she arrive at the apartment and found Olsen lying naked on the ground next to the sofa-bed with Fiorentini frantically trying to resuscitate her.

"Her corpse was cold but he didn't want to accept she was dead," Claudia Colivicchi was quoted as telling the weekly magazine Oggi.

"He was crying out my little one, my love and Ashley's dog was beside her whining. Believe me, it was a very upsetting scene," Colivicchi said.

In September, Olsen wrote "I have a stalker," on her Instagram account, although the post appears to have been a joke.

The comment was posted with a photo of Olsen taken from behind while she was walking in Florence with her beloved beagle, Scout.