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Drug dealing suspect betrayed by Whatsapp

Drug dealing suspect betrayed by Whatsapp

Police in Rome on Tuesday arrested a suspected drug dealer who allegedly had Whatsapp chats on his smartphone containing orders from his clients and appointments for the delivery of the narcotics.

Police said they discovered the incriminating messages on the 21-year-old suspect's mobile during a routine patrol in Rome's southern Portuense district.

During a subsequent search of the suspect's nearby flat, police uncovered two 200 gramme loaves of hashish, a plastic bag containing "numerous" marijuana doses, a precision weighing-machine and equipment to cut up the drugs, as well as 2,300 euros in cash.

Police found the haul in a cavity inside the suspect's bathroom wall, hidden behind two loose bricks.

The suspect was put under house arrest and was due to appear before magistrates on drug-dealing charges.