Islamic State urges attacks in new audio tape

Islamic State urges attacks in new audio tape

The Islamic State jihadist group on Tuesday called on its supporters in the United States, Europe and Russia and elsewhere in the world to stage attacks in a new audio tape.

The 36-minute tape purportedly by IS spokesman Abu Hassan states: "Our war with our enemy is a global war," the director of US-based terrorist tracking website, Rita Katz tweeted.

"Abu Hassan portrays #ISIS as the defender of Muslims, calls upon Sunnis in #Iraq and #Syria to join the group's self-proclaimed Caliphate," Katz said in a further tweet.

Hassan praises IS-inspired attacks in Europe in the tape and claims an Islamic Caliphate will spread from Baghdad to Damascus, Jerusalem, Amman, Istanbul and Rome after Tehran.

The message calls US president Donald Trump "a bumbling fool who doesn't know what the Levant, Iraq and Islam are."

"The United States is sinking under the leadership of a bumbling fool...it is bankrupt," the message states.