Arab League condemns 'vile' Manchester attack

Arab League condemns 'vile' Manchester attack

The Arab League on Tuesday deplored the suicide bombing that killed at least 22 people including children and injured around 60 at the Manchester Arena after a concert, calling it a "vile act"

"Sincere condolences to the families of the victims and solidarity with the British government and people in the face of such a vile act terrorist act," said the Arab League's secretary-general Ahmed Abul Ghait's spokesman Mahmoud Afifi.

"This horrendous episode brings home once again the importance of a strong and effective international response to combat the acute peril of terrorism, which threatens many countries in the world," Afifi stated.

Muslim nations Turkey and Iran also joined international condemnation of Monday's blast in the Manchester Arena foyer just after a concert by US singer Ariana Grande had ended.

The Islamic State jihadist group claimed Monday's attack, which was celebrated on social media by supporters of IS.

Police in Britain said on Tuesday they had arrested 23-year-old man in Chorlton, south Manchester, in connection with the attack while Britain's prime minister Theresa May said security services believed they knew the identity of the bomber.

It was the worst terrorist attack in the UK since the 7 July 2005 bombings by Al-Qaeda sympathisers, which killed 52 people and injured over 700.