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Haftar reopens Tobruk's port to foreign ships

Haftar reopens Tobruk's port to foreign ships

Khalifa Haftar

Libya's eastern port of Tobruk has reopened to foreign vessels, on the orders of powerful military commander Khalifa Haftar, the Libya Herald reported on its website on Friday, citing the port's security chief.

Abdussalam Younis was quoted as saying that Haftar's decision came after the port was closed in mid-October due to poor security, corruption and smuggling - a move that had angered locals in Tobruk.

Foreign ships were ordered by Haftar to use the port of Benghazi after Tobruks' port was closed, the Libya Herald said.

Benghazi's port officially reopened at the beginning of October and was at the centre of an eight million dollar alleged Letter of Credit scam in November when 40 containers were found to contain substandard goods. The fraud is now being investigated,acccording to the paper.

Container unloading and storage security at the port of Benghazi is now reportedly under the control of Haftar's Libyan National Army’s military authority for investment and public works, the Libya Herald said.