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Salvini eyes Israel visit 'by autumn at latest'

Salvini eyes Israel visit 'by autumn at latest'

Photo: AFP

Italy's far-right interior minister Matteo Salvini on Wednesday said he planned to visit Israel "by autumn at latest" after a meeting in Rome with its ambassador Ofer Sachs.

“I hope to see a bilateral summit between our governments to strengthen all aspects of the friendly ties between our two states," Salvini stated.

"Excellent cooperation already exists with Israel on security, which I intend to strengthen further. A visit to Israel, by autumn at latest, is among the priorities for my international schedule," Salvini added.

Salvini's talks with Sachs covered cybersecurity, cooperation - including among police - in the fight against crime and international terrorism, as well as migration, according to Salvini's statement.

“Israel is a country that pays attention to all the issues that affect the Mediterranean area and closely follows the geopolitical situation in Libya," Salvini said, adding that he favours any initiative aimed at bringing peace and stability to the region.

" I know that Israel is very keen on cooperating with African countries," he added.