Govt urged to report to parliament on migrant shipwreck off Libya

Italy's transport minister Danilo Toninelli should address lawmakers over a Spanish NGO's "very serious" claims that Libyan coastguard sank a migrant dinghy and left two women and a toddler to perish at sea, a senior opposition politician said on Wednesday.

"Yesterday, some extremely serious events occurred over which there are conflicting accounts," centre-left Democratic Party president Matteo Orfini told PD leaders at a meeting in Rome.

"For this reason the government must provide a clarification before parliament," Orfini said.

Proactiva Open Arms' founder Oscar Camps claimed the Libyan coastguard caused the deadly shipwreck and posted graphic photos to Twitter on Tuesday of the corpses of a small boy and a woman floating among wreckage from a dinghy, with the second woman whom the charity rescued alive.

Italian media on Wednesday quoted unnamed government sources as dismissing as "fake news" Camps' claims that Libyan coastguard deliberately sank the dinghy after the women refused to board a patrol boat and return to Libya.

The Libyan coastguard has rejected Camp's allegations.