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UN convenes urgent meeting on security in Tripoli

UN convenes urgent meeting on security in Tripoli

Photo: AFP

The United Nations mission in Libya will invite Tripoli's various warring militias to attend urgent talks Tuesday "at a venue to be announced" to discuss the deadly violence that has killed dozens of people in the capital including children in the past week, UNSMIL said on Monday.

UNSMIL late on Sunday issued a statement condemning the escalation of the deadly clashes between armed groups vying for control of the capital.

"I call on all parties to immediately refrain from the use of indiscriminate weapons in residential areas, cease all hostilities and resume ceasefire talks," said the UN's humanitarian coordinator in Libya, Maria Ribeiro.

"I also underline to all parties their obligation under international humanitarian law to ensure the safety of civilian and civilian facilities and allow safe, unimpeded and sustained humanitarian access to the affected areas," she said.

The UN is also concerned for the safety of the internally displaced persons, refugees and migrants detained in Tripoli and is working, in close coordination with authorities, to provide humanitarian assistance where needed, Ribeiro stated.

At least 14 civilians, including four children, have been killed in the week-long violence in which around 47 people have died and over 100 were injured, according to the UN and Libya's health ministry.

Some 400 prisoners manage to break out of a facility in southeast Tripoli on Sunday during armed violence between various factions in the city, police said. Many of the prisoners held at the Ain Zara prison were reportedly supporters of the late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi and were convicted of killings during the uprising against his government in 2011.

Clashes between militias in the city have led Libya's UN-backed government, the Government of National Accord to declare a state of emergency. Some of the militias involved in the fighting back the GNA.