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More immigration means more crime - Salvini

More immigration means more crime - Salvini

Photo: AFP

Over half of the 528 people arrested and the 2,478 people reported to police in Italy in the past week were immigrants, Italy's anti-migrant interior minister Matteo Salvini said on Friday. "More immigration means more crime," he claimed.

A total 285 immigrants were arrested and 1,300 were reported to police in the past seven day, Salvini stated.

"The numbers speak for themselves: I am proud to have cut the number of migrants landing in Italy - despite threats," he said.

Sicilian prosecutors are probing Salvini and his chief of staff Matteo Piantedosi for kidnapping in order to coerce, illegal detention, abuse of office and negligence in the case of 177 rescued migrants left stranded aboard the Italian coastguard ship Diciotti for 10 days in August after Salvini refused to allow them ashore at the port of Catania unless the European Union agreed to take most of them.