Salvini orders radical imam's expulsion from Italy

Salvini orders radical imam's expulsion from Italy

A radical Egyptian imam and terrorism supporter will be deported from Italy, hardline interior minister Matteo Salvini wrote Wednesday in a tweet.

"Just signed the expulsion order for an imam who incited Islamic terrorism in Italy. Go home!" read Salvini's tweet.

The suspect is Ahmed Elbadry Elbasiouny Aboualy, who in September 2009 attacked conservative politician Daniela Santanche during a protest in the northern city of Milan against the Islamic veil, according to interior ministry sources.

According to investigators, eletronic files found on devices belonging to Aboualy showed his extremism, which had also been observed in mosques where he preached.

Aboualy also had alleged links to Libyan Mohammed Game who in October 2009 bombed an army barracks in Milan, maiming and blinding himself in the attack, the sources said.