Hundreds of Italians repatriated from Mexico

Hundreds of Italians repatriated from Mexico

The foreign ministry is repatriating 200 Italians via airlift from Mexico amid the worsening coronavirus pandemic and after countries halted international flights, the ministry tweeted on Wednesday.

"A total 200 Italian stranded in Mexico are returning to Italy on a Neos Air flight. A success story from the Italian embassy in Italy," read the tweet.

On Thursday, a flight is due to repatriate an unspecified number of Italian non-residents in Egypt aboard a special flight from Cairo organised by the Italian embassy, according to a separate tweet.

"As an exceptional move, a Korean Air government flight (KE931) from Incheon to Rome on 31 March at 14.15 will be open to Italian citizens," read another tweet.

The foreign ministry is also trying to arrange flights from Hungary and Peru to bring home stranded Italians, the ministry wrote on Twitter.