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ALE SIP Devices releases three new Halo deskphones that elevate the customer experience

28 ottobre 2021 | 09.38
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The cost-effective models include large displays, and deliver robust performance with improved energy efficiency

SHANGHAI, Oct. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- ALE China Co., Ltd ("ALE SIP Devices"), an audio and video technology expert in the global deskphone market, operating under the tradename ALE SIP Devices has introduced three new Open SIP based deskphones by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise: H3P, H3G and H6.

These new models, which will be available all over the world from November 2021, expand the current Halo series to five models including the legacy H2 and H2P deskphones. The new products are cost effective options that deliver robust performance for customers. They stand out with their larger display, low power consumption, and ability to be booted within seconds.

Functionalities and benefits include:

3 new options to address basic telephony needs with robust performance

2.8'' display for improved user experience

Selected components and powerful CPU to bring robust performance

More programmable line keys and fast dial keys

Up to class one POE

Ports for different purposes

Easy deployment

The deskphones offer an elevated user experience and can improve the efficiency and productivity of business communication among office staff, in call centres and hotel guest rooms.

About ALE SIP Devices

ALE SIP Devices are designed and manufactured by ALE China Co., Ltd, an audio technology expert in the global deskphone market, operating under ALE SIP Devices tradename. It focuses on innovative technologies to develop a wide-range of SIP-based products that can be integrated into a variety of solutions with easy provisioning tools in a cost effective, secure and flexible manner.

ALE SIP Devices can provide global business partners and end-users products with simpler business connections anywhere with top-notch audio, reliable hardware and software that have gone extensive testing before launching to the market.

From innovative development to green manufacturing, ALE SIP Devices rigorously manage every component and each production procedure to ensure products meet worldwide standards.

For more information, visit our website at: www.aledevice.com 

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