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Alfano meets families of Italians missing in Mexico

06 marzo 2018 | 19.30
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At a meeting in Rome on Tuesday with the relatives of three Italians who went missing in Mexico in January, Italy's foreign minister Angelino on Tuesday underlined his "maximum commitment" to the case, the foreign ministry said in a statement.

"Alfano re-emphasised the maximum commitment and urgency with which the foreign ministry is following the case though the Italian embassy in Mexico and with the involvement of Interpol," said the statement.

Alfano also recalled that Mexico's foreign minister Luis Videgaray Caso had assured him by phone on 27 February that Mexicco's government and judicial authorities would do everything possible to solve the case and bring the men's abductors to justice, the statement added.

The three Neapolitan street vendors, Raffaele and Antonio Russo and Vincenzo Commino, vanished in the high-crime city of Tecaltitlan, in the western state of Jalisco on 31 January.

The Italians were sold by police to a gang in Jalisco for 43 euros, according to their family.

Videgaray confirmed that four Mexican policemen had been held in the case and that an arrest warrant had been issued for the local police chief who allegedly ordered the four officers to sell the Italians to the criminal gang, Alfano said last week.

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