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Alfano remembers Italian victims of 2016 coach crash in Spain

20 marzo 2018 | 16.11
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Photo: AFP

Italy's foreign minister Angelino Alfano on Tuesday recalled seven young Italian women "tragically" killed two years ago to the day in a coach crash in northeast Spain in which 13 Erasmus Programme students died.

“Today marks the second anniversary of the accident that occurred at Freginals, in which seven Italian students lost their lives," Alfano said.

The students died when the coach collided with an oncoming car and overturned at 6am on 20 March 2016 after veering across the central reservation of the A-7 motorway, near the town of Freginals.

"A tragic undeserved fatality broke their dreams, projects and hopes. Their memory will always be alive in our hearts,” said Alfano.

The students from 19 different countries were returning to Barcelona from a festival in Valencia at the time of the early morning crash.

“On this sad anniversary I express my closeness to the girls’ families and reaffirm the foreign ministry’s commitment to closely monitor the judicial developments of the case,” Alfano said.

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