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ANOVO opens Samsung Customer Service Plaza in Lima, Peru

20 febbraio 2014 | 10.03
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BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- As Samsung continues to push its brand directly from main shopping centres, launching premium, high-end stores selling the entire range of Samsung products, ANOVO has committed to deploy a support network of specialized customer service centers.

The increasingly high demand for Smart technology means customers benefit from an environment where they can not only review the latest advanced technologies, but also receive guidance in their product selection as-well as on-going in-store technical support. This initiative is a strong commitment from Samsung Electronics to strengthen and differentiate its customer service experience in partnership with ANOVO, its main technology service partner in the region.

The opening of the Customer Service Plaza in the district of San Martin de Porres in North Lima, allows customers to get up close and interact with the latest technology within the Showroom while ANOVO provides technical experts for each Samsung product line (smart phone, tablet, camera, LED, LCD TV and Audio Equipment) giving specific guidance and support.

Aligned to the new store 'look-and-feel' there is also a renewed Technical Service Centre providing some unique support features such as a face-to-face repair service for all brown goods, mobile and camera devices and consumer electronics, giving an instant 'walk away' repair service for customers.

Customers can also use the store to access the Smart Tool, a tool which allows customers to update their Android software on smart phones while browsing the latest products or purchasing accessories. Lastly, for products which require an in-home or depot repair service, customers can open an RMA in store to book a service at their convenience.

Francois Lacombe, ANOVO Group CEO, said:  "we are pleased and honoured to partner with Samsung with this dedicated Customer Service Plaza in North Lima. Key to our strategy is the continued provision of innovative, new services to existing clients as they develop their business to the changing needs of their customers. The provision of customer call centre and walk-in-repair services is an integral part of our service strategy and we see increasing demand for this, not only in Latin America, but also potentially in other markets where we support Samsung."

Victor Herrera, Service Manager, Samsung Electronics, Peru, added"Partnering with ANOVO for the deployment of the new Samsung Customer Service Stores will enable us to provide an enhanced service to our customers while we evolve the customer experience when buying Samsung products. ANOVO has strong experience in these services and we are very pleased to be able to leverage this in Peru."

ABOUT ANOVO: ANOVO is a market leading provider of after sales support and supply chain management services within the telecommunications, access, infrastructure, networking and consumer electronics markets supporting a broad range of technologies. The Group offers integrated services in Repair, Regeneration, Returns Avoidance, Proximity Repair and Logistics. www.anovo.com

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