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Armed forces boost Italy's reputation abroad says Pinotti

22 maggio 2018 | 19.10
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Italy's armed forces have burnished the country's international reputation as well making a major contribution to national security, defence minister Roberta Pinotti said in Rome on Tuesday.

"Our armed forces have made a decisive contribution to national security and have enhanced our reputation abroad," Pinotti said during a visit to Italy's military command centre (COI) with premier Paolo Gentiloni.

Pinotti praised Italian troops deployed at home to protect citizens and guard sensitive targets in the 'Safe Streets' operation as well as those who have aided victims of natural disasters including a series of earthquakes that have hit Italy in the past few years.

In earlier comments, Gentiloni also paid tribute to the army and its role in keeping Italy and its strategic and economic interests safe.

"We have become an international military presence that is especially valued due to our ability to make an Italian contribution to peacekeeping and to rebuilding institutions, combining force, diplomacy and local knowledge," Gentiloni stated.

Gentiloni and Pinotti made their remarks video link to Italian soldiers serving in conflict zones and peacekeeping missions around the world including Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Lebanon.

The ministers were welcomed to COI by its commander Admiral Giuseppe Cavo and by Italy's chief of defence staff, General Claudio Graziano, the defence ministry stated.

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