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ASEM can find solutions to global issues - Italy

16 dicembre 2019 | 19.49
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The Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM) brings together countries that account for most of the world's population, trade, economic output, and has the potential to solve "global challenges", Italy's deputy foreign minister Ivan Scalfarotto said on Monday.

"Thanks to its flexible and inclusive approach, ASEM presents relevant opportunities to work together on finding solutions capable of meeting global challenges,” Scalfarotto told the foreign ministers’ meeting of the 14th ASEM.

“It is a potential that derives from the dimension that ASEM is capable of assuring by uniting around a table the countries that represent 60% of the world’s population, 65% of global GDP, 55% of international trade, and 75% of global tourist flows.”

This year's meeting of the 53-nation political dialogue forum is being held under the theme 'Asia and Europe: Together for Effective Multilateralism'.

The meeting, taking place in Madrid, Spain, aims to look at the best ways to strengthen ASEM as an effective multilateral platform for peace and prosperity in Asia and Europe.

ASEM contains 51 European and Asian countries, the European Union and the ASEAN Secretariat.​

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