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Astellas European Foundation Transplantation Grant Awarded to Dr Nieuwenhuijs-Moeke to Improve the Outcome of Organ Transplantation by Advancing Anaesthesiological Care

25 gennaio 2015 | 13.06
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CHERTSEY, England, January 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

$150,000 Grant awarded to team from University Medical Centre Groningen 

The Astellas European Foundation has announced the winner of the 2014 Transplantation Grant as Dr Gertrude Nieuwenhuijs-Moeke from the University Medical Centre Groningen, The Netherlands. The winning study titled, 'Volatile Anaesthetic Protection of Renal Transplants-2' will investigate the role of anaesthetic regimens in optimising the outcome of kidney transplantation. In late 2014, 98 applications were received for the Grant programme that supports basic medical and related scientific programmes which contribute to advancements in transplantation. The winner was announced last night at the Advancing Transplantation Meeting, that runs until the 26th January at the Karolinska Institutet, in Stockholm, Sweden.

Dr Gertrude Nieuwenhuijs-Moeke, said "VAPOR-2 is an international multi-centre research initiative to find the optimal anaesthetic regimen for patients receiving a kidney from a deceased donor. VAPOR-1 has shown beneficial effect (less rejection) for volatile anaesthetics in living donor kidney transplantation. We now aim to extend this finding in deceased donor kidney transplantation. This study will hopefully lead to the optimal anaesthetic protocol for kidney transplantation resulting in better graft function. Winning this grant for me is an opportunity to realise a long-standing goal: improve outcome of organ transplantation by improved anaesthesiological care."

The Astellas European Foundation is a registered charity with the long-term goal of providing support for programmes and activities that advance our understanding of medicine and health. The winner of the Grant is selected by a Judging Faculty that includes independent European thought leaders.

Dr Ayad Abdulahad, Astellas European Foundation Trustee and Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs and Health Economics for Astellas Pharma EMEA commented, "Congratulations to Dr Nieuwenhuijs-Moeke. With a shortage of suitable donor kidneys it is important that all donor organs are treated in an optimal way. This project will research an opportunity to improve the outcome of organ transplantation specifically relating to the anaesthetic regimen. We received a record 98 applications from research institutions and hospitals across Europe. This demonstrates the vitality within the transplantation community and the collective objective to improve the lives of patients. Thank you to everyone who entered."

The Foundation now offers annual Grants of $150,000 for Uro-Oncology, Functional Urology and Uro-Gynaecology, and Transplantation. For information regarding the Grant process please contact the Astellas European Foundation by email at aef@astellas.com or call +44-203-379-8039.

Notes to Editors  

About The Astellas European Foundation  

The Astellas European Foundation is a registered charity, formed in 2005, with the long-term goal of providing support for programmes and activities that contribute to the advancement of an increasingly healthy society. In line with this aim, the Foundation has made substantial donations to global charities. The Astellas European Foundation also supports Astellas employees in their private fundraising efforts for charitable causes. The Astellas European Foundation is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales, number 1036344.

The Astellas European Foundation was established by funding from Astellas Pharma Inc, but operates independently of it.

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