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At least 72 migrants perish in shipwreck off Tunisia

12 luglio 2019 | 17.19
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Photo: AFP

The Tunisian navy recovered nine more bodies from a shipwreck in the Mediterranean that cost the lives of at least 72 people this week, said the Tunisian Red Cross's chief in southern Medenine province, Mongi Slim.

Eighty-six migrants set sail from Libya aboard the doomed boat on Monday and on Wednesday sent a mayday signal. Four migrants were rescued, one of whom died in hospital, according to officials.

Forty-seven bodies were recovered on Thursday from the sunken boat after corpses floated to the water's surface including a child and five women, Slim said.

At least 70 migrants drowned in May after their boat sank off the Tunisian coastal city of Sfax.

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