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Mercoledì 28 Luglio 2021
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Award-winning payment provider of the year launches their IDO

01 giugno 2021 | 13.08
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TALLINN, Estonia, June 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Since 2014, CoinsPaid has been successfully developing crypto payments solutions for the B2B sector. By now, the diverse range of CoinsPaid products includes Cryptoprocessing by CoinsPaid, OTC Desk, White Label, Plug&Pay, B2B and B2C Wallets, and more! The ecosystem supports 30+ crypto and 20+ fiat currencies, with the list of operating currencies being updated monthly with top trending ones. CoinsPaid ensures the security of their products with a system of hot and cold wallets, while the entire ecosystem has been audited  by Kaspersky Lab. 

CoinsPaid Logo

CoinsPaid's success in the payment industry is owed to the edgy technology linking all their products into one ecosystem, allowing them to bring complicated crypto solutions to clients and partners in one easy interface. 

In 2020, CoinsPaid experienced a rise in demand and grew its business five times in one year. As of now, the company processes 5% of all global Bitcoin transactions.

Today, CoinsPaid is excited to announce that the company is launching their IDO on June 1. CoinsPaid will release a CPD DeFi token, which will operate within their ecosystem, delivering options of staking and DeFi variations, and serving as a means of payment.

CoinsPaid's DeFi token model is based on prior careful analysis and a strong strategy of implementing only the best and more secure practices. The team believes in the tremendous economic impact the DeFi niche can deliver to society and are confident that the timing for this launch is just right. 

For the official documentation and announcements, please refer to CoinsPaid. Please follow the news about the project on the company's Medium page

CoinsPaid introduces services and products that help people and their businesses realize the potential of cryptocurrencies. The CoinsPaid ecosystem allows you to work quickly, profitably, and effectively both with national and digital currencies.

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