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Bahrain, Eni team up on soil, water, waste recovery

14 gennaio 2021 | 14.19
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Italian major Eni's environmental company Rewind and Bahrain's National Oil and Gas Authority (NOGA) have agreed to expand their cooperation to cover water, soil and landfill management and waste repurposing, Eni said in a statement on Thursday.

The memorandum of understanding inked by Rewind's chief executive Paolo Grossi and NOGA's CEO Naser Sultan Al-Suwaidi via videoconference will "contribute to progress" in implementing the United Nations 2030 sustainable development goals (SDGs) and towards the circular economy, the statement said.

"We are honoured and eager to partake in environmental projects in the Kingdom of Bahrain through the important partnership signed today with NOGA," said Grossi.

"This moU sets the stage and is testimony to the mutual ambition to consolidate alliances for sustainable development, in order to tackle the energy transition challenge together, protecting the environment and regenerating natural resources; a path undertaken by Eni since 2014."

The agreement marks another step in strengthening NOGA and Eni's collaboration in the energy sector in Bahrain through the launch of new initiatives in areas of joint interest, including exploration, LNG supply and renewable energy, the statement said.

"Through the memorandum, NOGA will benefit from the advanced technology expertise that Eni Rewind possesses in the treatment, recycling and use of water in the energy sector, as well as waste treatment and soil reclamation,” said Al-Suwaidi.

Rewind has long-standing experience in this field and its specialists are experts in modern technologies for managing water, soil and industrial waste and providing green solutions, the statement noted.

Eni has had a presence in Bahrain since 2019 and is the sole owner and operator of the Block 1 offshore exploration block, according to the statement.

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